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Terms of service


We accept all major debit and credit cards. You can also pay by cash, however please do not send money through the post. Cheques are accepted however these must be paid at least 10 days prior to delivery, and we do not accept cheques on delivery as a form of payment. We also accept deposits (cash or card) with the remaining balance being paid through a debit/credit card or cash prior to delivery.

When an item is bought over the telephone, we will take a deposit (usually 20%) from a debit/credit card. The full balance can then be paid as outlined previously. If paying by telephone, we will ask you to confirm your identity. This assists in protecting you and us from fraudulent transactions. If we decline this transaction on security grounds we may ask you to seek an alternative payment method or to advise you to visit our store.


At point of sale we will attempt to give you as accurate a delivery timescale as possible. Whilst this is given in good faith, these are only given as a guide and can be subject to change. Once we have received all items we will contact you to book a time suitable for delivery.

In the event of a product you have chosen being out-of-stock for a period significantly longer than what you have been quoted, we are able to: supply a similar product or offer a refund on the outstanding item.


When you place an order, either by telephone or in store please ensure all details are correct, including delivery and product details – these will be found on your order confirmation. If a mistake is found, please make us aware as soon as possible. Whilst every attempt is made to rectify human error, we will use the order confirmation as an agreement between both parties to supply the goods detailed and therefore may be unable to make amendments if not given enough notice. Please also keep your order confirmation for your records as we require order numbers to find your details in our system.


When you sign and submit the Order to Us, this does not mean we have accepted your order for the goods. Our acceptance of the Order will take place as soon as we review the order & are happy that we can supply/fulfil based on all criteria. If We are unable to supply you with the Goods, we will inform you of this and we will not process the Order. If payment has been made – a refund will be processed immediately (with allowances made for the days it takes for the banks to transfer the money between accounts).